Third Eye Chakra Angel Healing Reading By Danica

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During your third eye chakra healing, Danica will connect intuitively with your third eye chakra and will let you know what your third eye chakra wants to let you know.

Danica will then wok intuitively with Archangel Gabriel for 25 minutes to bring healing to your third eye chakra. When healing take it’s place you’ll have a easier time seeing yourself in a loving/caring way, will focus on what’s important as well as your intuition will heighten. 

I feel like with our third eye chakra we carry allot of judgmental energy. It’s important every morning when you wake up and you see yourself in the mirror to tell yourself I am strong, healthy, beautiful, worthy, and perfect just the way I am. Others opinions of me don’t matter as I know I am perfect just the way I am. Positive reminders will strengthen your third eye chakra. 

Archangel Gabriel wants to see you trusting your intuition as well as your third eye chakra more often. Do know that all is truly possible in life and that’s starts with you believing in yourself and moving past the fear and judgments. 

I also feel like sadness weighs down our third eye chakra and I really wish we would be in touch with our sadness more often and know that Archangel Gabriel is by your side as you have a good cry and just be for few days as life can get hectic/overwhelming and it’s ok to take a step back and have a good cry. When you cry your soul is cleansing and you’ll have this relief within and this also strengthens your third eye chakra making your intuition heightened as well as you’ll have a easier time seeing things as they are. Archangel Gabriel is here to bring healing to your third eye chakra and lift all of the sadness from your third eye chakra. You are safe as you open your third eye chakra and trust yourself as well as trust you inner abilities.

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 I look forward to working with Archangel Gabriel and for us to bring healing to your crown chakra.