Cord Cutting Healing Between Male Energy. Audio Healing By Danica.

Cord Cutting Healing Between Male Energy. Audio Healing By Danica.

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In this 40 minute audio healing, Danica works intuitively with the healing and powerful Archangel Michael to help cut etheric cords between you and a male energy. When you listen to this audio, do set your intention with which male energy you’d like to cut cords between. Please note that when Archangel Michael is cutting the cords that it will not harm you nor the individual that you are cutting cords between. This audio healing is designed to help cut the cords between you and that male energy so that there is peace and healing in that relationship as well for you to feel free from any negative energy and emotions that you’ve absorbed from that male energy.

Please no distractions as you listen to this audio. After you’ve finished listening to this audio, make sure to drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as this will benefit your healing process. It’s very important that you know that this audio isn’t designed to heal nor cure any diereses. 

After you’ve placed your order, please check your order confirmation email as that’s where you’ll find your downloadable link and you can start to listen to this audio right away. 

If you need any assistance, please know that I’m here to help and you can click in the chat button below. 

Angelic Blessings. 

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