What Archangel Raphael Wants You To Know. Angel Healing Reading By Danica

What Archangel Raphael Wants You To Know. Angel Healing Reading By Danica

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During your healing reading, Danica will connect intuitively with Archangel Raphael and bring messages that you need to know at the moment.

This is an angel healing reading, which is why Danica will work with the healing Archangel Raphael for 25 minutes and bring healing your way on all levels (mind, body, and spirit).

During your healing, Danica will also work with the healing Archangel Raphael to lift and heal resentment, grief, anxiety, sadness, fear and unforgiveness.

After your healing, you’ll start to feel emotionally grounded, secure with your emotions and most importantly you’ll have a easier time expressing your emotions. Our goal here is for you to have a greater understanding where your emotions such as resentment, grief, anxiety, sadness fear, unforgiveness steam from. When you get to the root of these emotions that’s when true healing begins.  

Archangel Raphael doesn’t want to see you suppressing your emotions anymore. Instead, the healing archangel wants to see you expressing your emotions freely as well as letting go of any emotions that have been weighing you down and pulling you back in life. Archangel Raphael wants you to know that he will be there for you as you move forward with your life’s journey. 

Danica looks forward to working with Archangel Raphael and for them to bring healing your way and may these healing messages that you receive from Archangel Raphael bring you comfort, peace, clarity and healing within. 

After you’ve placed your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with your full name, birthdate (must be 18+), recent photo. Please know that all of your information is kept confidential.

Please allow 14 business days to receive your purchased angel healing reading. You’ll receive your reading via email that you’ve provided during your checkout process.

 Angelic Blessings! 

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