Solar Plexus Chakra Angel Healing Reading By Danica

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During your solar plexus chakra healing, Danica will connect intuitively with your solar plexus chakra and let you know what your solar plexus chakra wants to let you know.

Danica will then work intuitively with the healing Archangel Uriel for 25 minutes and bring healing to your solar plexus chakra. Your solar plexus chakra is the chakra that needs to stay balanced at all times and here is why. If your solar plexus chakra is weak then pretty much the rest of your chakras are unbalanced as well as weak. Your solar plexus chakra is connected to your digestive system, nervous system as well as with your crown chakra. So when you feel physically unbalanced, dizzy, low with your energy as well as anxious this is because your solar plexus chakra has weakened and needs healing. 

When healing dose takes its place, you’ll start to feel joyful, blissful, happy, optimistic, powerful, psychologically better and most importantly peaceful within. Archangel Uriel wants to see you feeling worthy, like your true authentic self (try not to cross your arms around your solar plexus chakra as that’s you hiding your true authentic self)…no more hiding your true emotions and your-self as it’s time for you to be authentic and raise your boundaries/standards in every situation. 

No matter what you go through in life (as life has its ups and downs) or who pushes your buttons, makes you feel unworthy, It is very important that you keep your solar plexus chakra strong and healthy and keep pushing through. Be in control of your emotions and don’t allow anyone to define your self worth nor control your actions. After healing has taken it’s place you’ll start to feel independent and will start to regain your inner power, inner power and joy which will strengthen your solar plexus chakra even more.

Stress is the emotion that weighs down our solar plexus chakra the most. In this case our solar plexus chakra would weaken and we’d have a hard time moving throughout the day and would have this tightness around our solar plexus chakra. Archangel Uriel will make sure that all of the stress has been healed and lifted from your solar plexus chakra as we want to see you feeling stress-free, and focus on being happier as this will benefit your well-being and strengthen your solar plexus chakra.

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 I look forward to working with Archangel Uriel and for us to bring healing to your solar plexus chakra.