I am the Angel of Marriage, and I am assisting you right now.


You have called upon the Universe to help you in the area of marriage, and I am sent to your side. I am here to help you with a fulfilling marriage. The Universe and I desire to answer your prayer without delay. The first area that I am helping you with is healing any past wounds related to marriage. In quiet moments, I ask that you be willing to release to me any pain associated with your parents. I ask that you breathe out any negative feelings that you may have about marriage, which stem from your childhood experiences.

Next, I put my hand upon your heart and ask you to breathe in and out deeply. I now ask that you be willing to release old pain or anger toward your first love. As you release these toxins from your heart, I next ask you to exhale old pain toward all of your past lovers. Allow me to clear your heart of old wounds so that you can enjoy a happy marriage rooted in the present. We must release the past to avoid replicating old, painful experiences. I am here to free your heart so that it can fully love... within a blissful marriage.



  • Sally

    Thank you so much Daniel. This comes at a time when it is much needed.

  • Svetlana Tillinghast

    Thank you Angela Daniel Amen ?☺?????✨✨✨✨

  • lori

    i release everything to you Daniel from the past..the hurts, the pain, the back stabbing…the lack of love and support…the abuse….the disrespect..and all the hurt from all past lovers in this lifetime and every other one too forevermore amen so i can finally manifest for myself a happy, loving, monotonous, fulfilling marriage with someone very compatible and special! thank you i’m soooooooo ready for him!

  • vishal thakur

    Angel daniel,love and light to you and gratitude for showing up in my life and choosing me to intervene in my life and help me to release old blocks and anger to wards my past love and relationships thats holding me back from loving again ,or choosing love cleanse clear all my relationship blocks help me and clear me of any oaths relationship curses that i have spoken or spoken against me in this life time or any other.clease me from any lower attahements to sexual intimacy ,any fear or pain i must have picked by from parents relationship and so mote it be.

  • Wanda

    Thank you for this message. I ask for my Precious God and all his angels surround and heal my relationship with Mike.

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