Silver ~ Goddess Insight: “When this card shows up, it is time to tap into your most mysterious, magical self. This part of you is powerful. It holds great wisdom. Seek answers within.


Silver is symbolic of the goddess. It represents the Divine feminine, the moon, speech, and public speaking, insight, reflection, perseverance, and patience. The Goddess is a part of Divine Source, She represents the trinity of maiden, mother and crone. When this card shows up, it is asking you to recognize which stage of life you are in. Acknowledge and celebrate the aspects of the goddess you are revealing in various areas. Commune with goddess energy, which is connected to the phases of the moon.

Additional meanings for this card:

Archangels Haniel, Gabriel, and Jophiel are associated with this symbol. It is time to go public with your work. Become aware of the cycles of the moon to synchronize your own rhythm. Acknowledging the ebb and flow of life will help you have patience in this situation. The project might take a “gestation” period of nine months to arrive at completion. Prosperity is flowing to you now.”



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