This card speaks of another person’s influence upon the situation in question. Archangel Raphael helps you with all forms of healing, including emotional healing within relationships. He sends you this card to indicate that he’s assisting you with relationship and health issues, especially when both are intertwined.

Raphael can help you maintain clear and loving communication with other people, as well as resolve misunderstandings from the past. After all, the Healing Angel knows the health benefits of a heart that’s filled with love, peace, and compassion.

Possible Specific Meanings: Ask for help from other people with this situation. A message about a romantic relationship is forthcoming • A new person will help you with this situation • Trust your intuition about the relationship you’re asking about • Be willing to forgive the person in question

My Prayer: Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for healing and guiding all of my relationships upon the path of love.
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Am ask angels Raphael heal all pass relationship so I can moved in to my news..heal my son,his Robert brown,sisters..I won’t peace, truly happy, love, respect, walk in ??.. With my right mate I pray for confirmation …pray am able dream again. Removeblocks

Gwendolyn Ellis

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