You are in communication with your angels and the messages you are receiving are very real indeed. Trust them!

This card is a validation from your angels that you really are hearing them.You have been receiving repetitive messages through your feelings, dreams, visions, inner voice, or knowingness. Are you listening and trusting these messages? Are you following them? If you get an inclination to call someone, go somewhere, or read something, it's important to follow this guidance. By receiving this card, your angels ask you to give all your doubts or worries about Divine guidance to them. Know that you truly are communicating with heaven, and enjoy the conversations!


  • Dave Stege

    I hope my baby girl dog, Carly is okay…

  • Gwendolyn Ellis
    My angels can you give me clarification on true love.also healing mind, body,spirit .. Opening my ?to receive.spirils ?s.. Vision, spiritual revelation

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