Archangel Michael ~ Pay Attention To Your Dreams.


“Archangel Michael has been working with you during dream time to help you release old fears and reach new heights of happiness and peace. He has been teaching you while you sleep, providing answers to your prayers and building the foundation for your life’s purpose. Although you may not remember these dreams, the information resides in your subconscious and helps you in many ways.

You can access much of Michael’s counsel by keeping a dream journal. Any type of notebook will do; keep it by your bed and consistently record whatever you remember from the previous night’s dreams. You will soon recognize patterns in themes and symbolism, which will offer you guidance for your waking hours.

Possible specific meanings for this card: Recurring dreams are speaking to you – be sure to pay attention. Respect and act upon your heart’s desires. Consult a dream expert or book on dreams. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Go to bed sober, as chemicals can interrupt REM sleep (dream sleep).

Prayer: “Thank you for tucking me into bed tonight and helping me enjoy a wonderfully restful night’s sleep. Archangel Michael, I invite you into my dreams as my teacher, guide, and healer. Please allow me to understand this (describe a specific situation) on a spiritual level and give me guidance.”


  • eugene richard

    Archangel Michael please come in my dreams as my teacher ,guide and teacher.This morning my intuation told me to get my Licence renewed witch I did and I am happy its done for this I thank you.

  • Melinda

    Thank you Archangel Michael for being there for me and protect me. Amen

  • Diane

    Archangel Michael: Thank You for working with my dreams and me … ?

  • Angela

    What does falling down from a dream where i was carrying a tray of eggs?

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