Relationship Healing Reading By Danica

Relationship Healing Reading By Danica

Relationship Healing Reading By Danica

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Danica and the healing Archangels are here to bring healing to your relationship.

Take a moment right now to relax your mind, body and soul. Ask yourself and your heart chakra which relationship needs healing and mending at the moment?

Here are some relationship examples below:


Ex Boyfriend
Ex Girlfriend


Ex Wife
Ex Husband

Also between your: Father, Mother, Daughter & Son (Any Family Member)

During your healing reading, Danica will work on healing your relationship of your choice. It’s important after you’ve placed your order that you reply to your order confirmation email and let Danica know with whom you’d like to have a relationship healing with? I will need their full name, they must be 18+ and what is your relation between that individual?

You are also allowed to ask Danica a one specific question about your relationship as well. Danica will work with the healing archangels to bring healing, clarity and better understanding to your relationship question.

As Danica’s gift with your order you’ll also receive a three card reading. Your three card reading will be provided along with your relationship healing reading.

During your relationship healing reading, Danica will also scan your chakras as well as the other person’s chakras. Danica will let you know what she was able to pick up intuitively during the chakra healing.

Allot of times there are negative emotions and etheric cords attached between you and that individual. These etheric cords can bring misunderstandings and disharmony in the relationship. Therefore, Danica will work with Archangel Michael to safely cut all of those etheric cords….

Remember: “Cord cutting doesn’t mean you are physically cutting someone from you. It is an energetic way of cutting away unhealthy emotional attachments that no longer serve you.”

Important Read:

Must be 18+ (both individuals)
Recent photo (both individuals)
Your email

Your relationship healing reading will be emailed. Please make sure to provide a correct email address during your checkout process.

This healing reading isn’t designed to cure nor heal any diseases.

After your relationship healing reading you as well as the person you’ve requested a relationship healing with will start to feel emotionally grounded, peaceful and there will be better understanding, harmony and clear communication and that’s because healing has taken its place.

Please allow 14 business days to receive your relationship healing reading.

This reading is available for a limited time.

I look forward working with the healing archangels and for us to bring clarity, healing and better understanding to your relationship.

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