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Danica works intuitively with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Haniel and Ariel for 30 minutes to lift all of the negative energy/emotions from your home. During your home clearing, Danica will also scan your chakras and will let you know if any of your chakras are unbalanced when you are in your home.

After you’ve received your home clearing report via email you’ll start to feel more content, peaceful, energetic and your sleep will improve. After you received your home clearing report you’ll also notice that there will be more harmony and understanding between family members and there will be overall positive vibes in your living space.

Home clearing report is also for apartments, towns homes and residential homes. Danica can also do a home clearing for a business as well. 


After you’ve placed your order please allow 14 business days to receive your home clearing report. 

No returns/exchanges are available at the time. 

Thank you. 


Home Clearing Report
1400 2800

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