Heart Chakra. Angel Healing Reading By Danica.

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Danica and Archangel Raphael are here to bring healing to your heart chakra.

During your heart chakra angel healing, Danica will pick up intuitive messages from your heart chakra. She’ll also let you know if your heart chakra is under-active, overactive as well as what you can do to make sure that your heart chakra stays balanced.

Important FAQ’s

(Q) How long is this specific healing?

(A) This is a 30 minute deep healing.

(Q) How will I feel after my heart chakra healing reading?

(A) You’ll feel tired for the next few days and do know that’s because healing is taking its place. If there was allot of negative energy and emotions that were lifted from your heart chakra…expect to feel little bit irritable. But do know that’s going to pass as again healing will take over and you’ll notice after 2-3 days that you’ll start to feel more harmonious, loving, caring and gentle towards yourself, you’ll have easier time expressing your heartfelt emotions, your relationship(s) will feel more connected and harmonious…you’ll start to feel more peaceful, relaxed and joyful. Danica asks that you drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-5 days after you’ve received your heart chakra angel healing.

(Q) What if I don’t feel my heart chakra healing?

(A) If you don’t feel your heart chakra healing, It can be because you aren’t open to receiving healing at the moment. In order for you to start healing you must let go of any negative habits, negative energy as well as negative emotions. It’s important that you are more honest with yourself. Also remember that healing takes time. It’s important that you are gentle, loving and caring towards yourself at all times, watch your diet and control/lower your stress levels.

(Q) What if I’ve purchased more then one chakra angel healing reading?

(A) If you’ve purchased more then one chakra angel healing reading, Danica will email one chakra angel healing at a time…it would be one reading a week.

(Q) What is needed for this healing reading?

(A) You must be 18+, recent photo and correct email address. You can provide this informative details by replying your order confirmation email.

(Q) How long do I have to wait to receive my heart chakra angel healing reading?

(A) Please allow 14 business days to receive your heart chakra angel healing reading via email.

Before purchasing your heart chakra angel healing reading please remember that this healing reading isn’t designed to heal nor cure any diseases.

Thank you for allowing Archangel Raphael and myself (Danica) bring healing to your heart chakra.

Angelic Blessings.