Angelic Healing By Danica


Please follow the instructions below for your chakra scan:

Sit in a comfortable position, place your hands on your knees, take in a deep cleansing breath and breathe out any stress, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness as well as any negative emotion(s) that you maybe feeling at the moment. Relax your shoulders, release all the tension from your jawline and just be for a moment..

Continue to breathe...Keep Relaxing...Now...Ask yourself: “How am I really feeling?” (Be Honest With Yourself) Then, pay attention to your intuitive feelings. 

I am sending all of the healing Archangels to be by your side right now and I’m sending you healing love and light as well.

(keep on breathing and keep on relaxing) You are safe as you acknowledge your emotions and know that you are also safe as you allow those emotions to be healed.  

Now, Take some time and write down what you were picking during your chakra scan.

During your chakra scan: Did your lower back bother you? Did you get overwhelmed with emotions? If so, then a Sacral Chakra Healing Report By Danica and Archangel Uriel is recommended for you. Danica and Archangel Uriel will work together intuitively to lift all of the heavy and negative emotions that are weighing down your sacral chakra as well they will work together to lift all of the negative energy that’s blocking your creativity and self expression. Danica & Archangel Uriel are here to help you regain your inner sparkle and your inner power. 

During your chakra scan did you feel any tightness or discomfort around your abdomen? If so, your solar plexus chakra was giving your intuitive messages and it would benefit your well-being to receive a Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Report by Danica & Archangel Uriel. Danica and Archangel Uriel will work intuitively together to lift and heal all of the negative emotions from your solar plexus chakra as well as all of the negative energy that’s blocking you to feel your authentic self, powerful, optimistic, energetic and overall happy. Danica will also make sure to scan your digestive system as well as your nervous system making sure all is well. 


During your chakra scan: How was your overall breathing, any tightness/heaviness around your heart chakra? If so, A heart chakra healing report is recommended for you. Danica and Archangel Raphael will work together intuitively to lift all of the emotional weight from your heart chakra as well as all of the negative energy that’s blocking you to attract healthier relationships. Archangel Raphael will make sure that your relationship between yourself is more loving, understanding and compassionate. Honesty is the key to having a healthy heart chakra so do make sure that you are honest towards yourself and your close relationship(s). 


During your chakra scan: Did you experience any headaches or pressure on top of your head? If so, A crown chakra healing report is recommended for you. Danica & Archangel Metatron will work together to lift all of the pessimistic thoughts, anxiety, anger, stress and sadness from your crown chakra as well as all of the negative energy that’s blocking you to think clearly, use your inner knowledge, express your true thoughts and focus on your dreams while you sleep as well as your overall dreams and goals.


If this is your first time receiving a chakra healing report by Danica, A root chakra healing report is recommended for you. The benefits of having your root chakra healed first will actually benefit the rest of your chakras. You must start from the first (root) chakra and allow Danica and the healing Archangels to heal one chakra at a time.

Do However Contact Danica First As She Can Also Scan Your Chakras Via Email By You Providing A Recent Picture Of Yourself As Well As Your Birthdate. Must Be 18+... Danica Will Let You Know Which Chakra Needs Healing/Balancing At The Moment.


You are about to embark your healing journey. Congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself that you want to heal emotionally and let go of what no longer serves your higher good. Starting your healing journey can be a little bit of challenge for you at the same time as you are acknowledging your emotions and some days you’ll feel scattered and unfocused. This is all normal in the beginning. But as you start to heal emotionally you’ll start to feel more peaceful and blissful within, your sleep will improve, you’ll feel more focused, energized and overall your true powerful and confident self. Please be patient, understanding, gentle towards yourself at all times. Danica and the healing archangels are here for you and will guide you every step of the way throughout your healing journey.  Breathe and know that you are safe as you let go and heal... (Healing Hugs Are Being Sent Your Way)  👼 👼 

A recommendation for you is to start practicing mindfulness meditation each night. This will also benefit your healing process. Do your best to think positive, remain optimistic and stay on the path of your healing journey. If you get overwhelmed do take a step back and call upon Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to bring you strength and healing. Keep going and keep believing in yourself. You got this!

You are truly safe as you breathe, heal and let go. 



Q. What Kind Of Information Do You Need For Your Healing Reports & Healing Readings?

A. Full name, recent picture, email address and your birthdate. (Must be 18+).

Q. How will I receive my healing report(s) & angelic readings?

A. Via Email. Please make sure to provide a correct email address during your checkout process.

Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my purchased healing report(s)?

A. Please allow 7-14 business days to receive your purchased healing reports.

Please allow 2-3 days to receive your (What Your Angels Want You To Know.. Three Card Reading By Danica).

Q. Any instructions I should know after I receive my Healing Report?

A. After you’ve received your Healing Report via email please make sure to drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as this will benefit your healing process.

Please Note that the healing reports that you purchase on this website aren’t designed to heal nor cure any disease(s). If you have any medical questions please contact your medical provider.

All of your information will be kept confidential!

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10AM-7PM (CST)