(NEW) One Specific Question. Angel Healing Reading By Danica.

(NEW) One Specific Question. Angel Healing Reading By Danica.

(NEW) One Specific Question. Angel Healing Reading By Danica.

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  • All Of The Healings & Readings Are Done Professionally By Danica.
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Danica and the healing archangels are here to bring healing, clarity & better understanding to your one specific question. 

During your healing reading, Danica works intuitively with the healing archangels to scan your chakras. Allot of times negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness or even stress would affect our chakras. Our chakras then get so unbalanced that receiving clarity to our current situation is impossible. We’d then search for answers and would start to worry. (Remember that worry never resolved anything). No need to worry as the healing archangels and Danica are here to bring healing to your chakra(s) so you don’t feel anxious, stressed, sad nor angry. When your chakra(s) are healed you’ll then have even more clarity to your one specific question as well as you’ll start to feel blissful and overall emotionally grounded. 

Danica has the ability to connect with your chakras and will provide intuitive messages during your angel healing reading. She’ll let you know if that specific chakra was unbalanced, overactive and what that chakra wants you to know at the moment. 

Before asking your one specific question…relax your mind, body and soul…focus on your breathing…ask yourself where do I need healing at the moment?  It maybe in regards to your past/current situation, career question as well as your relationship needs healing...remember to trust your intuitive feelings.


What is required:

Must be 18+.
Recent photo.
Correct Email Address. 

After you’ve placed your order please reply to your order confirmation email with your one specific question as well as your birthdate along with your recent picture.

Please note that this healing reading isn’t designed to heal nor cure any diseases. If you have any medical questions please contact your medical provider. Even though Danica has been working intuitively with the healing archangels for over 20 years she dose not have any medical experience. Danica takes her healing work very seriously and all of her healing work is done professionally. 



Please allow 14 business days to receive your angel healing reading. Your reading will be emailed to the email that you’ve provided during your checkout process. (Please make sure to provide a correct email address)

You do have a option to gift this reading as well. In this case, I will need their email, full name and birthdate. 

A three card reading (what your angels want you to know) will be provided with your angel healing reading as Danica’s gift. Your three card reading will be emailed along with your angel healing reading. 

Thank you for allowing the healing archangels and myself (Danica) bring healing, clarity and better understanding to your one specific question healing reading. 

Sending you healing love and light. 

 Angelic Blessings. 

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