Cord Cutting Audio Healing. Home & Home Clearing

Cord Cutting Audio Healing. Home & Home Clearing

Cord Cutting Audio Healing. Home & Home Clearing

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  • Must Be 18+ To Place A Order From This Website.
  • All Of The Healings & Readings Are Done Professionally By Danica.
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Danica has worked with Archangel Michael to cut all of the negative energy and emotions that you've absorbed from your home that have been weighing your seven your chakras. While listening to your audio healing, Danica will also be working with the healing archangels to lift all of the negative energy and emotions from your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, outside of your home, your garage as well as any negative energy that you've absorbed by your neighbor(s). 


This is a deep healing and do know that you’ll feel tired after you’ve listened to this healing audio and that’s because healing is taking its place.

You can pause/play this audio at your own convenience. This audio is 30 minutes long.

Please do not drive nor operate any heavy machinery while listening to this healing audio.

You must be 18+.

Please use headphones while listening to this audio. 

This audio isn’t designed to cure/heal any diseases.

Do remember that you are healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

After you’ve placed your order….your cord cutting audio healing will be available to download right away at your order confirmation page as well as you’ll receive a email with your downloadable link. Please make sure to follow those instructions as well.

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