Aura Angel Healing. Audio By Danica.

Aura Angel Healing. Audio By Danica.

Aura Angel Healing. Audio By Danica.

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In this audio, Danica works intuitively with the healing Archangels Michael and Gabriel to bring healing to your aura. Archangel Michael will make sure that all of the negative etheric cords are being cut from your aura….cords of anger, anxiety, sadness, stagnant energy, other’s negative energy/emotions that you’ve absorbed as well Archangel Gabriel will make sure that you aura is being cleansed and that healing is taking its place. Danica’s intentions as you listen to this audio is for you to feel emotionally free and that’s how you’ll start to feel after healing has taken its place. How dose it feel to feel emotionally free…you’ll start to feel comfortable in your skin, less scattered with your emotions, more comfortable with your emotions as well your anxiety and stress levels will start to decrease and that’s Danica’s goal for you to feel less anxious/stressed and more feeling peaceful with your overall emotions. During you aura healing, you’ll also have a chance to see what your aura color is….as said in the audio healing, If you don’t see your aura color this time arouplease know that you’ll see your aura color the more you relax and listen to this audio. Know that you are safe as you also repeat the healing affirmations that Danica has for you in this audio healing. You are truly healing and it’s important that you acknowledge your healing and most importantly be patient with your healing process. The healing archangels and myself are truly here for you and we are so proud of you that you are starting to heal and let go of what no longer serves your higher good.

Before purchasing this audio healing, Danica asks that you please read the important FAQ’s below:

Q. After I place my order, where will I find the downloadable link to my audio.
A. After you’ve placed your order, please check your order confirmation email as your downloadable link will be there.

Q. How long is this audio?
A. This audio is 25 minutes long.

Q. Are there specific instructions I have to follow by listening to this audio?
A. Yes, during your aura audio healing, Danica will be giving you specific instructions that you have to follow.

Q. Where can I listen to this healing audio?
A. You can listen to this audio on your phone and tablet. Headphones are recommended and please no distractions while listening to this audio.

Q. Any instructions I should know after I finished listening to this healing audio?
A. Please drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as this will benefit your healing process.

Q. Can I listen to this audio right away in a day or skip to another audio?
A. Remember that healing takes time and Danica recommends that you listen to this audio first for a few times, and you’ll know within when you are ready to listen to your next audio. Do not pressure yourself to heal, as healing truly takes times. Be patient with your healing journey and know that you are safe as you heal and let go.

Q. How old do I have to be to listen to this audio?
A. You must be 18+.

Q. Is it safe for me to drive as I listen to this audio?
A. Please do not drive nor operate heavy machinery while listening to this audio.

Q. Is this audio designed to heal diseases?
A. This audio isn’t designed to heal nor cure any diseases.

If you have any questions for Danica please feel free to click the chat button below. Thank You.

From our customers


Danica is an extremely gifted light worker and healer she cleared out my chakras and was able to pinpoint certain situations that had resulted in needing to cut etheric chords with the Archangels. Bless you Danica, you have given me much clarity and restored my faith,
bless you five stars . -Rose P.


Danica is a very gifted women who brings healing peace and light not only into your life but your home as well. I have used Danica's services several times, and will continue as well as refer her services.

-Lisa Ann G.


Highly Recommend. Her email reading I purchased at a very good price was absolutely amazing and accurate. I purchased 3 items
from Danica all extremely accurate including a healing. Truly gifted and prompt with her response. Bless.

- Helen S.


Danica is spot on with all of her Readings and I will continue to use her Guidance for many many years to come!

-Charles P.


Danica is insightful & genuine. Her insights are always right. I've sought advice and healing ceremonies and she's never disappointed me. I've received much loving support and guidance from her and will seek her out again in the future!

-Dawn O.


Beautiful Earth Angel Thank you for your love & light and guidance.

-Tracey-Lee H.

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