Cord Cutting Healing Between Female Energy. Audio Healing By Danica

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Product Description

In this 40 minute audio healing, Danica worked intuitively with Archangel Michael to cut all the etheric cords between you and the female energy that you’ve intended to cut cords with. Archangel Michael made sure that all the etheric cords were safely cut from all seven of your chakras. Remember that you are safe as you let go of all of those etheric cords of negative emotions & energy that have been weighing down your seven chakras that were coming from that female energy.

Before listening to this audio healing, It’s important that you set your intentions with whom you’d like to cut cords with? Know that you as well as that female energy that you intend to cut cords with are truly safe and there won’t be any harm done as the cords are being cut. After you’ve listened to this audio healing, you’ll notice how much more relaxed, authentic, and you’ll have an overall ease when you are around that female energy that you’ve intended the cords with.

Archangel Michael reminds you to listen to your intuitive feelings when you are around that female energy, and remember that you as well as that female energy are both safe as you express your heartfelt emotions.

Before purchasing this audio healing, Danica asks that you please read the important FAQ’s below:

Q. After I place my order, where will I find the downloadable link to my audio.
A. After you’ve placed your order, please check your order confirmation email as your downloadable link will be there.

Q. How long is this audio?
A. This audio is 40 minutes long.

Q. Are there specific instructions I have to follow by listening to this audio?
A. Yes, during your Cord Cutting Between Female Energy Audio Healing, Danica will be giving you specific instructions that you have to follow.

Q. Where can I listen to this healing audio?
A. You can listen to this audio on your phone and tablet. Headphones are recommended and please no distractions while listening to this audio.

Q. Any instructions I should know after I finished listening to this healing audio?
A. Please drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as this will benefit your healing process.

Q. Can I listen to this audio right away in a day or skip to another audio?
A. Remember that healing takes time and Danica recommends that you listen to this audio first for a few times, and you’ll know within when you are ready to listen to your next audio. Do not pressure yourself to heal, as healing truly takes times. Be patient with your healing journey and know that you are safe as you heal and let go.

Q. How old do I have to be to listen to this audio?
A. You must be 18+.

Q. Is it safe for me to drive as I listen to this audio?
A. Please do not drive nor operate heavy machinery while listening to this audio.

Q. Is this audio designed to heal diseases?
A. This audio isn’t designed to heal nor cure any diseases.

If you have any questions for Danica please feel free to click the chat button below. Thank You.

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