Look For a Sign

Look For a Sign

Your angels have a very special and specific answer to your question. You can expect to see signs right away that will have deep meaning to you. Many people see white feathers to indicate that their angels are with them. Or they may smell scents from their childhood that they connect with a family member.

Signs require focused attention, so be awake to the possibilities. Don’t mistake synchronistic events for mere “coincidences” at this time. They are a message especially designed for you!


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  • Thank you so very much

    Palesa Pangalele on
  • how will i know if angels leave me a sign. i need dor my children not so much for me.

    sarah thompson on
  • Thank you so much to send specif ic message to me I love you so
    Much I love you so

    lucie on
  • How will I know when the angels are giving me the signs?

    Aprile Rossborough on

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