I am with you, giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine Life purpose.


Archangel Michael

I have come to you because you asked the Universe for safety and protection, and because you asked about your life purpose. Since you are a lightworker, I am overseeing the fruition of your Divine life purpose. You have been a lightworker for a long time, and you have felt different from others, isolated at times. Be assured that you have never been alone, and that you never will be alone.

When you feel pushed to make a change at work or at home, that may be my influence, encouraging you to make your life's purpose a high priority. I can rearrange your schedule and support you in other ways to make your path smooth and harmonious. Simply ask me, and it is done. I will also help you feel safe and comfortable during your life's changes.



  • Susan

    Please help me get over my financial and relationship burdens that are breaking my heart and draining all of my strengths. Thank you Archangel Michael

  • Sean

    Please help me. I need to give up smoking. I suffer with addictions, trauma, family and mental health.
    thank you x

  • Nick Sohkhlet

    thank you angel for always protecting and guiding me.thank you

  • Nancy

    Thank you for always watching over me. Please, guide and protect me from negative forces and toxic relationships. I am forever grateful!

  • eugene richard

    Thank you Archangel Michael I am asking for your protection after I am free from the court only for a few months many thanks this has to be done I will never give up but I will be hated by my friends and even my family i will be alone .

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