Don't worry. It's all working out in a beautiful way.


The fairies know that you're concerned about the outcome of this situation, so they've sent this card to you as reassurance that everything's working out in a divinely perfect way. Take steps to uplift your outlook and unburden your heart and mind, such as taking a nature walk, spending time with loved ones, exercising, or enjoying a creative project. The more you can stay centered and filled with faith, the better the outcome you'll experience.

Additional meanings:

♥ Write down your concerns on paper and then ceremoniously dispose of the list by burning it, pouring water over it, or burying it.
♥ Talk to the people involved in order to double-check your facts - your worries may be based upon untrue assumptions.
♥ Make sure that you're getting enough rest and eating healthfully, as physical strain can lead to anxiety and exhaustion.



  • sylvia starbard

    I am concerned about my husbands medicare they want to take it from him because he was late in paying a premium he has copd and needs this as medical insurance

  • eugene richard

    God I truly you will be there I am at a cross road and I cant gave up they can convince marg into anything and now she,s got my card to get the last 200 out and she wonted to see how much I had in the Bank. And with my Van broken I am stuck .But I no that my only chance is to move on I have NOTHING to loose.

  • Hilary

    LOVELY ??

  • Palesa Pangalele

    Thank you so very much, this has been taken to note

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