Message from the Angels: New Partner

A chance meeting is no mistake. It is Divinely orchestrated as a catalyst to set the wheels in motion for the fruition of your prayers. Pay careful attention to new people we send into your life. You will recognize them by your sense of familiarity, comfort, and safety." The angels have given you this card as a signal that someone new has (or is about to) enter your life as an answer to your prayers. This personwill be a partner in a business, friendship, or romantic sense. Don't go looking for him or her, as it will happen very naturally. When you meet this individual, be open to Divine guidance, which will direct you both in loving and magical ways.

Additional meanings for this card: You've met (or soon will meet) your soul mate.
Allow other people to help you, instead of trying to do things alone.
Consult an expert.
Your prayer is being answered through other people.
A new pet is coming into your life.

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