Your intentions create your experiences. What do you intend to happen?

Make sure that your thoughts and feelings reflect your true intentions. By receiving this card, the angels ask you to take an inventory of your expectations. What do you expect to happen today, tomorrow, or in the future? These expectations are the seeds of your intentions. An intention means that you have set a goal and intend to achieve it. Your intentions drive your experiences. The angels ask you to choose and infuse your intentions with love. See yourself and others as happy, successful, and peaceful. By holding these spiritually minded intentions, you help yourself and others. The angels can help you replace negative mental habits with more empowering thoughts, if you ask for their assistance. 

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  • Kris

    I was told not to hold expectations. Only desires. Expectations are a setup for ‘failure’ or disappointment. Just have faith that something good is coming xox

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