“Your soul longs to express itself in creative ways. We’re guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life.

Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited, and reignites passion toward your life.”

This card indicates that you need more avenues for creative expression.  The angels are guiding you to look for such outlets at work and at home.  For example, write, play music, make crafts, paint, sew, or re-decorate.  It doesn’t matter whether your artistry is market ready.  What’s important is that you allow your inner artist to enjoy freedom of expression.

Additional Meanings For This Card:  Work on a meaningful project that you’ve been procrastinating about • Enroll in a creative class such as photography or dance • Your life purpose and a meaningful career will come to you through creative ways that are unimaginable right now, so don’t worry about how or what your life purpose is.  Just follow the path before you.




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