“An angel surrounds you with her wings of light. She is here to remind you that there is more to life than your achievements, degrees and possessions.

She would like to help reconnect you with your true nature and rediscover a healthier, more sensitive and loving you. Your soul is full of infinite light, beauty, and creative energy. Through being aware of your spiritual nature you connect to your true and infinite nature and experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose. Connecting with your true essence is a profound and sacred experience. You may feel overwhelmed by joy at times. Let every feeling surface and express all you feel in some way. Through the process of reconnecting and rediscovering the real you, life and all around you transforms in a most positive way.


I reconnect with my true nature. My true nature is to be full of joy and love. My true nature is infinitely beautiful and infinitely creative.



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  • lucky kodisang

    Thank you Danica since I started following your Angel cards readings my life is gradually changing positively.
    Before I had fears ,lack of love not understang my life purpose.has constant anger ,nagativity towards other poeple.
    Thanks to God for guiding me to connect with Angels and You.
    This started a year ago when I was 49 old.
    WiTh Gratitude and Love

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