Debt Paid Off: “The old weight and habit of debt is lifted from you and your life.”

“This card signals an impressive shift in your financial situation. You have made the clear decision to be free of old debts, and the Universe has responded in kind. You are presented with opportunites to reduce your debt, including new avenues of income and inner guidance about reducing nonessential spending. As you follow these leads, your financial situation rapidly improves.

Additional meanings for this card: Make a clear-cut decision to be debt free and the Universe will deliver. Cut up your credit cards. Question each expenditure to see if it is really necessary, or just an impulsive purchase. Know that you deserve to be, and can be, debt free. Resolve to initiate new spending habits-pay cash for everything, and if you do not have the cash, do not buy it. Tithe 10 percent of your income. You will receive a financial windfall. Affirm often that God is the true Source of your supply.”


  • Sabrina

    It couldn’t be any better timing , best news ., thank you my dear angels for watching over me . ?

  • Motshidisi

    Am spending too much on credit card lord have answered my prayers Amen and thank you

  • B.Bennett

    Thank you. Amen!!!

  • Amal Elsawi

    I am in constant shortage of cash,therefore I spend a lot on credit cards.

  • alina

    thank you! :)

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