Peaceful Resolution.

The challenges you’re inquiring about are going to come to an end. Conflict will cease and soon be replaced with harmony. There will be a sense of peace shared by all, even if some only “agree to disagree.”
Disagreements will be resolved in your favor. This includes struggles with employers, legal battles, arbitration, and even strife among family or friends. Be forgiving and understanding with those who may have been in error. Allow peace to come, with grace and dignity for everyone.
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Thank you so much.


Thank you,that message sure spoke to me.


Thank you thank you I so truly hope this happens to me because people wont understand and I,ll be hated for it even my family but this has to happen im never giving up nevr

eugene richard

Thank you for giving me through HOPE in what I,ve been looking for all my life

eugene richard

Love your messages!!


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