There’s Something Better.

Heaven has something wonderful in mind for you! However, it’s not the same thing you have planned. Ask yourself what you would rather have: the very thing you’re asking for or something that would make you much happier and more fulfilled?

Sometimes God has joys in store for us that we could never imagine on our own. Open your mind and heart to the possibility that you deserve even more than what you’re asking for. Trust your angels to guide you in new and exciting directions!


  • Toni

    Such a beautiful message and thank you. Peace & Light.

  • eugene richard

    Thank you for this message I had a dream and I,ve been working on it seens 1999 it was so I could have my Dauther in it but I can wait longer if need be I wont to fine what happiness really is. One thing I always love to do is play music and sing I lost my voice many years ago plus meet people and help people as well but if there is something else that’s coming my way I will gladly except it truly hope it will happen I cant tell you how much I truly appreciate all the help from Archangel Michael and the Angels .

  • Marie

    Praying, keeping faith I hope so,love to see your post they make me feel better

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