Butterfly Maiden ~ Transformation: “You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessing.”

“As you go, through this period of change, it is natural for you to wonder if your future is safe. I am here to assure you that you are part of nature’s cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. To bring in your desired newness, you must first allow old parts of your life to fall way. These changes are to be celebrated, not feared. Give thanks for this shedding of the old! Embrace all of the lessons it brought, and then let it go! Be giddy with excitement at the newness of the gifts that are now being bestowed upon you, and let their magic surprise and delight you.”

Various Meanings of This Card: “Do not be concerned about endings, as they are bringing in the new for you. Your prayers have been answered. with this change. Let go of the old. Do not worry about these changes – they are truly for the best.

About Butterfly Maiden: Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi Native American Kachina (spirit) who ensures that crops yield healthy and bountiful harvests. She is a springtime goddess who helps us to escape from any cocoon situation that is trapping us or impeding our growth or joy. If you are feeling stuck, she is a wonderful goddess to call upon during the emerging process. She will also guide you trough life transitions and help you spread your winds!”


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Thank you so much for this news ..First I know what has to be done I have to leave this place and the drama and its not going to be easy but I want to be happy and fine someone that does love and wont me and I,ll make sure this time the cards will be put on the table but I truly hope I,ll have money coming my way to help me to start a new life many thanks again I promise you now I,ll never give up

eugene richard

Danica I would like to ThankYou so so so much for all your support through this journey of miracles blessings and health healing prayers I stand in gratitude for all you do ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou ❤?


Thank you just what i nef.

Margaret Dillon

Just exactly what I needed to confirm my life choice to shed the unwanted, and embrace the new and healthy. I believe in miracles and I know I’m experiencing one. Thank You!!!


Lovely ?


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