Archangel Michael is with you, shoring up your confidence so that you can fearlessly face (and even enjoy) the tasks before you.

Have confidence in God’s power to keep you safe and secure. As you enter into a new phase of your life, it is natural to feel intimidated by change. You may worry whether you are prepared and qualified for what is ahead of you. Remember, though, that God will not bring you anything that you are unable to do. Heaven also ensures that you have powerful companions, such as Archangel Michael, to help you in all ways.

Archangels are the overseers of our personal guardian angels, and Michaels name means, “He who is like God.” He is described in both biblical testament as a prince, and depicted as fighting against lower energy in order to protect us all. Many people report miraculous rescues and protection as a result of calling upon him, and for that reason, he is a patron saint of police officers, security guards, and sailors. St Michael, the Archangel, will help you feel safe and confident if you call upon him.”

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Thank you Archangel Micheal for coming to my aid when I need the most. I am praying that my challenges will be removed soo. I have faith and looking positively for the future. Amen.


Thank you, Dear Archangel Michael for my new home
at the right place right now for moving there.


Thank you so much Dear Divine Archangel Michael

Palesa Pangalele

Thank you Archangel Michael I will indeed need your help but right now I have to get through this truly hope it works out for me

eugene richard

Thank you Arch Angel Michael for watching over me, protecting and guiding me. Amen


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