Mother Mary ~ Expect A Miracle: “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Mother Mary ~ Expect A Miracle: “Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Message From Mother Mary: “Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway. Without faith, the future looks very frightening. That is why it is essential for you to take whatever steps are necessary to keep your mind and heart filled with faith. Please do not give up hoe on yourself or other people. Keep the candle of faith burning within your soul., as that one small inkling of hope can eradicate the darkness of despair. Be the light that eliminates someone elses gloomy hopelessness as well. For as you make others stronger, it strengthens not only yourself but the entire world.”
Various Meanings Of This Card: Let go of worrisome thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive. Notice and follow any Divine guidance you may receive. Pray. Engage in spiritual healing.

About Mother Mary: “She is the beloved mother of Christ who is known as “The Queen Of the Angels” for her ongoing and miraculous healing work. Mary works closely with anyone who is a child advocate, teacher, or healer. She loves children, and is devoted to making the world a safe and happy place for them. If you would like to help children, ask Mother Mary for a Divine assignment.”
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Thank you Mother Mary. I appreciate you guiding me to help children and adults who were hurt as children.


Thank you mother Mary for the love and compassion you have giving me


Thank you Mother Mary I wont disappoint you I,ll admith I will have fear but this is important to me as well everyone that need my voice .If I stay here I will be alone for ever I will never be happy .What I will fear the most is her brother and her kids but mostly her brother everyone respect him so I have to handle him with kittens clove.Have faith in me I wont let you or Michael down.

eugene richard

Thank you Mother Mary I will keep my faith .I need your help I would love to be able to the people that has past away to let there family no there happy and there always with them. Sometime in June July could you send someone to me to show me how thank you Amen

Eugene richard

Thank you for this message I am grateful.


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