To heal your financial situation, first give your Angels your worries concerning money.

To heal your financial situation, first give your Angels your worries concerning money.

To heal your financial situation, first give your Angels your worries concerning money.

Your Angels will guide you in order to show you how to create and accept abundance. As you and your Angels work together, your financial situation will heal as fast as you’ll allow.”

This card is a sign that your prayers about finances have been heard and answered. The more you can listen to and follow your gut feelings right now, the quicker you’ll experience improvements in your financial situation.

Additional Meanings For This Card: The coins that you’re finding lately are loving signs from your angels and departed loved ones • An unexpected financial windfall is coming to you • Give any financial fears to your angels • Follow any guidance you receive, as it could be an answered prayer about your finances • Abundance can take many forms, including having more time, opportunities or clear ideas.


  • Dear angels, please help me pray for a financial miracles. I have been struggling for so many years living check to check and I wish to better my life. A financial windfall will help me pay my bills, move to a better home and most of all help my family and be a blessing to others. I have pray so long and this is my only wish. Thank you.

    Kareen Bailey on

  • Please guardian angel bless me with a wealthiest life.

    Brenda Bernard on

  • I appreciate all I have received from
    God. But we’re having money and health issues. Please pray and bless
    Us with health and financial Healing.

    Michael on

  • Dear Angels, please bless me with a financial miracle. I have no money to move and better my situation, Amen.

    Anonymous on

  • Dear Angels, please help me increase my financial income through my new job in commissions plus provide me another part-time job to help supplement my income or provide me with a new outside sales position that I would love doing and definitely make more money doing it! I need direction in my life and I don’t know what to do. Please help me!

    Kathy on

  • Thank you.

    Mary on

  • Dear Angels please help me to have the financial abundance I need to have the freedom and ability to live and function with integrity each and everyday and the ability to provide all that my family needs. Please unite all of us as a family imminently under one dwelling in love and health.

    STELLA on

  • Dear divine angels please help my financial situation to improve. May money increase in my new work that I am doing, may any force of evil that tries to stand in the way of my financial success fail and get beaten. May all who try to block my natural blessings of financial gainage fail. May they stumble and fall. May they come across you and experience your power as you protect me from their ravages. Give me strength to gain a lot of money before this month end to be able to take care of my family, especially my children. So it is !!!!!

    Palesa Pangalele on

  • Dear Angels
    I am asking for financial assistance. Please show me the way to get the finances I need to keep my family in our home and to get the home repaired. I’ve been focusing on self healing and family healing for a long time and am unable to work. I dont know what job to do for my life. I can’t see the way forwards. I trust and love angels and know that they will help me. Let me be open to see the way, in loves name Amen

    Debra Callum on

  • Dear Angels, I have been worked about our financial situation for quite some time and do not know where else to turn. Please give me your blessings with a financial healing miracle as our year has been quite trying and we need your help! Amen!

    Sheri on

  • Dear Angels, please bless me with a financial healing miracle! I’m at my wits end I can’t even make ends meet anymore. In the name of Jesus & all that’s holy I pray this. Amen!

    Patricia Smith on

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