“Your money struggles are a thing of the past. Be open to all avenues to receiving, and you will be provided for in every way.”

“You may have endured some difficult times recently and feel that an increase in prosperity would make it all better. Well, your prayers have been answered. Take this card as a sign that Heaven has heard your prayers about your financial concerns and is bringing you abundance. Your finances are on the mend and becoming more balanced right now. You deserve to have all that you need to live a happy, fulfilled, and comfortable life. Knowing that your bills will always be paid and your finances are secure could help you attain this.

Everyone is born with the same rights and opportunities as every other person. When you recognize that you are just as deserving of financial abundance as anyone else, it begins to find its way to you. The angels and yellow lily want to help. Allow their energies into your life to adjust your relationship with money.

Additional meanings for this card: Create a budget for yourself and your family; spend money wisely, cut up your credit cards; the angels are providing for all of your needs.”



  • Katie mccurdy

    Thank you very much I’m in need of repair of this old house my car need repair no reverse I still drive it I call it my special car thank you Lord Jesus for your angels

  • Umma taslima

    Thank you angels i am happy for this good news

  • Kathleen

    Thank you my Angels for the help xxx

  • Sharon

    Thankyou Angels and Yellow Lilly I’m open to receiving help with gratitude and love I open my arms to healing my finances Thankyou ?✨

  • Sharon

    Thankyou Angels , Yellow lily I am grateful of this good news ??✨❤️

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